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What We Do

The attorneys at Liff, Walsh & Simmons handle construction law issues involving developers, general contractors, builders, sub-contractors, and owners. With our transaction and litigation experience, we effectively assist our clients with the various legal matters that affect the construction industry.

How We Do It

Our representation includes drafting and reviewing contracts, resolving contract disputes, and prosecuting and defending construction design or defect actions and mechanic’s lien cases. We strive to be an effective partner and work closely with our clients to formulate a strategy focused on the efficient completion of the construction project while minimizing any potential disruptions.

Mechanic's Liens

The purpose of the mechanic’s lien law is to ensure that contractors and subcontractors who provide labor, material, fixtures, or machinery to improve real estate receive payment for their services and materials. The lien is placed on the owner’s real estate and can force a sale to satisfy the amount due.

However, a mechanic’s lien action must strictly comply with the requirements established by the Maryland legislature. At Liff, Walsh & Simmons, we represent subcontractors, material suppliers, contractors, and owners in navigating the process of mechanic’s liens. We help our clients that own real estate avoid liens by making sure subcontractors or suppliers get paid and we assist our contractor, subcontractor and supplier clients establish liens when they haven’t been paid.