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Growing up in the 70s, I became a big fan of the original Star Wars trilogy, so I have my Darth Vader mug with me at all times in my office. One of the business topics that has become popular in the COVID19 environment is Force Majeure. May the Force Majeure be with you is our little joke, but Force Majeure is not a joke because it is an essential tool of a contract that you can use to excuse performance if unforeseen circumstances arise. Exercising the Force Majeure clause of an agreement would prevent business owners from being penalized for being unable to perform under the contract.  The COVID19 business environment is a great time to review all of your contracts and agreements for these types of clauses.


Please watch the video below for valuable tips on how to take advantage of the Force Majeure clause of a contract.  Stay tuned for more videos about Force Majeure and business contracts.


Please contact me should you have any questions about the language contained in your contracts.

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James Crossan

Jim is a civil litigator and business lawyer who serves as the Director of the firm’s Litigation Practice Group. He applies an in-depth knowledge of litigation and critical decision-making skills to foster and create effective working relationships with his clients. Jim’s practice focuses on contract disputes and he works directly with individuals and corporate entities in a wide range of civil matters including construction, real estate, estates and trusts, and banking and finance. Contact Jim at or (443) 569-7264.

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